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This green jewel is an organic,classic grade of the Darjeeling green tea, coming from the renowned Arya tea estate located in the vicinity of the beautiful Darjeeling town. This legendary garden was established in 1885 by Buddhist monks and was popularly known as “Sidrabong”.


Regular Pack – 50 Gms / 20 cups / Rs 440

Sample Pack – 5 Gms / 2 Cups / Rs 45

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Harvested during the peak quality of the autumn season and grown in the mysteriously beautiful Arya tea gardens, Arya Emerald is an inimitable tea and an exquisite green tea. The Arya tea estate was established in 1885 by Buddhist monks and it was earlier popular as “Sidrabong”. This tea estate was responsible for elevating the standard of Darjeeling tea and the name “Arya” which means respectful signifies the authenticity of this tea garden and its tea named after the precious jewels. This precious green jewel is an affordable organic green tea, which beautifully weaves the flavors of the Darjeeling autumn flush- fruity with notes of ripe grapes and berries with the typical vegetal flavor of green tea.


Tea Type -Green

Garden/Estate -Arya

Flush/Season -Autumn


Leaf Appearance – It has an overall dark greenish appearance with a mixture of light and dark green leaves with little silver tips relating to autumn Flush teas. The infused leaf gives a light lemon color.

Aroma – It bears a sweet vegetal aroma with a subdued warm malty smell.

Taste – It is slightly grassy-salty and limey in taste. It has a sweet, berry like and nutty aftertaste.


Water-200ml, Leaf Quantity-2.5gms, Brewing Temperature-85-90℃, Infusion Time-3-4mins.

1 review for ARYA EMERALD

  1. Gracee

    This green tea is so amazing. I am no tea connoisseur but I can definitely tell that it is really very superior to the ones we get in the market. You can literally feel the difference when you drink it.

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