About Us

WE ARE LOCALS OF DARJEELING –  Directly from Darjeeling

 Yes !  We are from Darjeeling, the land of Tea Gardens. 

“Darjeeling Tea Direct” is a locally based company from the region of Darjeeling. We aim to provide our patrons with the finest of teas, that Darjeeling has to offer, directly from the source. With our motto as “DARJEELING TEA AT YOUR DOORSTEP DIRECTLY FROM DARJEELING” we are in constant persual of authenticity, to ensure that your cup of Darjeeling tea, comes to you directly from Darjeeling. According to wiki, Darjeeling produces approx. 9 million kgs of tea per annum but the world sells about 40 million kgs of Darjeeling tea per year, as adulteration and falsification are serious problems in the global tea trade. As locals, we realize that it is upto us, to safegaurd and ensure the authenticity and heritage of Darjeeling Tea for the growth and sustainability of our future generations. 


After the enactment of Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration & Protection Act, 1999) in 2003, Darjeeling tea became the first Indian product to receive a GI tag, in 2004-05 through the Indian Patent Office. This is to say that Darjeeling Tea cannot be replicated or grown anywhere else in the world and there are presently 87 tea-estates within the GI (Geographic Indications) defined areas as listed out by the Tea Board of India. 


At the beginning, the areas of Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Kurseong and parts of Siliguri all came under the district of Darjeeling. Under the said regions, flourished the various tea gardens of Darjeeling. In recent years a few new demarcations has changed the native map of the district of Darjeeling. Over time, it lost parts of Siliguri and now with Kalimpong recently being declared a new district on its own, it has lost a major part. However, the demarcations has not disrupted the prominence of tea gardens, that are spread throughout the new and the old regions. And where Darjeeling Tea is concerned, all of the tea gardens, irrespective of their new demarcation has continued to be Darjeeling Tea through the Geographical Indications and under the purview of the Tea Board of India.


We are all about authenticity and as a local company, we operate from all over Darjeeling, new and old, with the main procurement centre and warehouse at Darjeeling, the IT cell at Kalimpong and its head office at Pedong, very close to the prized “Samabeong” Tea Estate. In fact, Pedong the location of our head office, has one of the most amazing stories to tell where the history of Tea in this region is concerned. 

We would sincerely suggest you to read about “The Lost Tea Garden of Pedong” in the following links-



With utmost respect and pride for the most prized product of our region, we envision to provide to our patrons of Darjeeling Tea, a genuine experience of authenticity and with the promise, that your cup of tea is coming directly from the land of its birth.